About Shelburne and Lockeport

At the heart of the southwest coast of Nova Scotia are two unique seaside towns, Shelburne and Lockeport. A short 30 minutes drive apart, the two Towns give you the best of both worlds in seaside living. They are a perfect balance of landscape, culture, history and architecture. Shelburne is located on an inlet on the south coast, while most of Lockeport is an island.


The land around Shelburne and Lockeport is quite flat, spotless and pure with all the coastal country charm. The Towns are surrounded by sweeping forests, meandering rivers, and blazing white sand beaches. The shorelines are surrounded by authentic historical homes, cottages (in Lockeport and Shelburne) and fishermen at work. We also have a variety of wildlife that, if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of, and your camera or binoculars are ready, will provide you with some lasting memories of your visit.

Culture and History

Shelburne was once to be the capital of Nova Scotia. In fact, at one time, it had the largest population in Nova Scotia due to the American Revolution, which brought British Loyalists to settle in Nova Scotia. Lockeport, with its quick access to the Atlantic Ocean, is known internationally as a fishing community.

Shelburne County has one of the most diverse populations in Nova Scotia. Shelburne, in particular, had welcomed Black Loyalists, French Acadians, and Native Mi’kmaq, while Lockeport had settlers from Massachusetts and today, we have families of African (Black), Icelandic and other descents that have lived here for many generations. The Towns continue to maintain their cultural heritage. It is especially evident  when you visit the Historic Dock Street, and the Lockeport Streetscape.


The climate in both Shelburne and Lockeport is usually quite mild due to our geographical location.  It never gets too hot or too cold.  

Geography & Time Zone

Shelburne and Lockeport are located in Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast, which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Travelers can arrive in Shelburne and Lockeport by road but can use other methods of transportation to enter Nova Scotia.

Shelburne and Lockeport are within the Atlantic Standard Time Zone.


The currency is the Canadian dollar. Although some businesses do accept American currency, there are banks in both Towns where visitors can exchange their currency into Canadian. Shelburne visitors can go to Scotiabank on King Street or CIBC on Water Street; and visitors in Lockeport can access the Royal Bank Branch on Beech Street.


Please visit the Canadian Government website for details of what is required.

Emergency Services

Both Towns are equipped to handle emergency calls: fire, ambulance and police. In case of an emergency dial 911. The nearest hospital is located in Shelburne.


The Towns themselves are accessible. There are several wheelchair accessible options for taking a stroll. Also, visitors will find accessible accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Please be sure to contact your place of interest, in advance, to ensure vacancy and availability. 

When to Visit

The Towns offer year-round opportunities for those looking to unwind. We are especially bustling with activities like festivals, events and outdoor markets between mid Spring to early Fall.

Visitor Information Centre

Visit the nearest Visitor Information Centre in Shelburne or Lockeport (open seasonally) to chat with local staff who can share details on what you can do in and around Nova Scotia.