Chestnut Hill Farms


The largest collection of registered Daylilies awaits you anywhere on the south shore. Discover hundreds and hundreds of different types of daylilies and walk the fields and enjoy the beauty, fragrances and the overall ambiance of these fantastic flowers.

You can also discover our Apiary, Laying & Broiler chickens and Indian Runner ducks. 

Hours of Operation

Open Seasonally, June 15 - August 15
Saturdays and Sundays only
11 am - 3pm


T: +1 (902) 875-3902


  • SoundBeings

    1822 Sandy Point Road, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1W0, Canada

  • Town Market

    13 North Street, Lockeport, Nova Scotia, B0T 1L0

  • The Ship's Galley

    <p><strong>The Ship's Galley</strong><br>156 Water Street<br>Shelburne<br>Nova Scotia<br>B0T 1W0<br>Canada</p>

  • Sea Dog Saloon

    <p><strong>The Sea Dog Saloon</strong><br>1 Dock Street<br>Shelburne<br>Nova Scotia<br>B0T 1W0<br>Canada</p>