Children Activities

Lockeport and Shelburne are safe, child-friendly communities. Both Towns are very accessible; strollers and children can easily navigate sidewalks, boardwalks and trails on our relatively flat and easy terrain.

Grandparents and parents traveling with children on vacation can find unique and engaging activities for all.

Learn to sail 

If your child enjoys being in the water, our local yacht club runs weekly summer camps with certified instructors. 

Roseway Beach

This is a nice secluded beach  not too far from the Shelburne downtown area. Allow your child to test their kite flying skills or build a sand castle. Portable bathrooms are available but no lifeguards are on duty.

Themed Afternoon Activities at the Shelburne Museum

Every afternoon between 2-3 pm, any child can enjoy a fun themed program at the Shelburne County Museum . They will love the craft activities at the Dory Shop Museum . Learning to build Shelburne’s traditional folk art, Whirligig, is an engaging activity that both parents and kids can enjoy together. Create memories that you can bring back home.

Kayaking in Shelburne County

For a brief time during the summer months, children can learn to  kayak for free  throughout various locations in the Shelburne County. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet other local children for fun play dates.

Let us not forget our many  community events , always providing fun games and activities into their program.