Cruise Ships Visits

Visit Atlantic Canada’s Southernmost Cruise Port!

Cruising to Shelburne is one of the many ways to see the Atlantic Coast, via the Canada-New England route. Shelburne is also a great host to cruise ships and travelers alike. Our friendly locals will greet you and take care of you from the moment you arrive and all the way until your cruise ship sets at sea.

How to get here

  • Halifax: 110 Nautical Miles
  • Saint John, New Brunswick: 190 Nautical Miles
  • Boston, Maine: 340 Nautical Mile

Nautical charts are available on our area using the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Look for Chart #4209 for nautical charts on Shelburne.

There are many exciting and fun shore excursions to experience in Nova Scotia. For more information on sample shore excursions in Shelburne, why you should be cruising in Nova Scotia or to learn more about cruising the Atlantic Canada region, check Cruise Atlantic Canada.

Port of Call

2018 Schedule:

Contact your favorite cruise line to find out if they will be making a call to Shelburne.

Our Port

On arrival, all visitors will be transformed back in time as they enter our historic town. Cruise ships can anchor in our harbour, where passengers can arrive by tender directly to the historic waterfront. Otherwise, cruise ships can dock at our port just minutes away from the downtown area. Wheelchair accessible shuttles are provided for both cruise passengers and the crews. Perfect, for anyone who would like a quick access around Town. Vendors are closely located and available for passengers looking to shop for signature items from the south shore.

Cruise passengers and crews are given direct entry to our Towns’ membership only yacht club marina club, a place to relax and watch the beautiful harbourfront view.

Walking Map

Maps are provided to every passenger and crew by one of our greeters or copies can be found at a pop-up visitor information center on arrival. A downloadable version is available for passengers who would like to plan their trip in advance. Be sure to use to use our wish list feature on our website to mark your favorite stops.

Shore Excursions

Our local tour operators and attractions will keep you busy for the day. There are a variety of outdoor, cultural and culinary attractions to suite anyone’s taste.

Those passengers wanting to explore the town on their own, can use our map to navigate around the Town or have a look at our top picks for ideas. Taxi services are available to take passengers to  Lockeport, a thirty minute drive or to visit the nearest lighthouse, Sandy Point, a ten minute drive from the downtown area. At low tides, passengers can access the lighthouse by walking up the sand dunes.

Dock Specification and Fees

Being the 3 rd deepest natural harbour in the world, cruising to Shelburne is smooth sailing. In fact, harbour pilot are not mandatory.

For more details on our port service, click here or contact us for more details.