For a small town we have plenty of things to do to keep you occupied. We have museums that tell the story of our culture and history and also we have outdoor attractions to explore our nature. Allow yourself to be curious and explore our Town.

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  • Beaches of Shelburne County

    Shelburne County Beaches

    Some of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful, dramatic, and natural coastline is found within Shelburne County.

  • Candlebox Kayaking

    107 Water St., Shelburne, Nova Scotia

    Candlebox Kayaking is a sea kayak and whitewater kayak guiding/coaching service based in Shelburne, Nova Scotia at the Shelburne Yacht Club.

  • River Hills Golf & Country Club

    Port Clyde Road, Clyde River, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Shelburne County's only, 18-hole golf court, set in the spectacular beauty of the South Coast's greenery and windy rivers.

  • Sea Dog Kayak Rental

    1 Dock Street, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1W0, Canada

    Visitors can rent kayaks and explore the beautiful Shelburne Harbour at their own pace and own risk. Those interested in a short journey can paddle to the other side of the harbour to the Islands National Park or head further, for a longer journey, to McNutts Island, via Gunning Cove.

  • Shelburne Longboat Row and Ride

    107 Water Street, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1W0, Canada

    Row or ride a traditional wooden 18th Century Replica Longboats, the same as what Cpt Bligh was cast adrift in,​ and learn about the boats famous connections to the Bounty and Hollywood. Provides wonderful photo op of the beautiful historical waterfront, and a totally memorable experience. All ages and abilities.

  • The Islands Provincial Park

    183 Barracks Road, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1W0, Canada

    This park offers walking trails that leads to a spectacular view of the Shelburne Historic Waterfront. A great place to walk, bike or launch your kayak.

  • Wilderness Canoe Adventure

    336 Ohio Road, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1W0, Canada

    Photographers, that love the outdoors, will love capturing our natural wildlife of beavers, turtles, eagles and local birds along the 12 kilometer guided tour on the Roseway River. A picnic lunch is served half-way into the wilderness to take in the scenery.